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Chinese herbal roasted duck at Restoran Hoppy, Kepong

A glance at the title, you know this time we will talk about food again. Yes, don’t read further if you haven’t had your lunch, otherwise you will be spending your afternoon looking for Chinese herbal roasted duck! Haha… if you had your lunch already, then you will scold me why I didn’t post this earlier; but nevermind you can have roasted duck for dinner tonight!

Before we start, let’s meet our friends first.

May and my friends

Say “hello” to May and her friend… ops, I forgot what’s his name already. Haha, me bad, bad memory. Then of course this handsome dude is my friend, Liew and his son. He was so nice because he footed the bill for the table! So generous ya…

Restoran Hoppy

Our dinner was at Restoran Hoppy, located in Kepong. According to reliable sources, this restaurant is originated from Johor Bahru, and was started by a Chan family in the 1980s. Hoppy has become popular since the past two decades due to its traditional recipes for making herbal roasted duck in three styles – Szechuan, ginseng or dong guai (both are Chinese herbs).

Roast duck

Each of them have their unqiue taste. With the most popular one being the dong guai as it has the strongest taste and smell of herbs, but its considered a little “heaty” by some. Do you know what type of duck we were having (see picture above)?

Of course, Restoran Hoppy serves Peking duck, seafood and home cooked dishes as well. Their Peking duck is very yummy too! Let’s check out some of the dishes we had… yes, mouth watering time…

Gu Lou Yuk

Gu Lou Yuk (咕噜肉).

Seremban fried egg

Seremban fried egg and others.

Expensive fish

And what else but a fish?! However, this is no ordinary fish, as this fish is bloody expensive. It costed close to RM100 I think… we were not very good in naming and telling the price of fish, so I think the restaurant might have taken us for a ride for not letting us know it’s that expensive when she recommended this to us! Who would want to order such a fish unless you are really loaded with cash?!


Thanks for reading, now let’s go for lunch shall we?

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